DG Osteopathy is open for urgent bookings during this latest lockdown.


As of Tuesday 17th August: Allied health practitioners have been heavily restricted as to who they can see for face-to-face care. This includes ALL Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists etc.


As a result I am not permitted to see patients for any minor niggles or maintenance/routine check up.

If you are in need of urgent Osteopathy treatment please text me on 0401 597 541 or email daniel@dgosteo.com


Patients are eligible for face-to-face care if they meet the 'Urgent Care' Criteria set by the 'Department of Health and Human Services Victoria'


This includes:


*if treatment is needed to avoid a potential hospital admission or emergency department presentation.

* if treatment is needed to avoid serious acute consequences or acute deterioration.

* if treatment is needed  to prevent or delay the need for further specialist medical or surgical intervention

* if treatment is needed to prevent an increase in care needs that would necessitate additional carer supports or change in accommodation needs.

* if deferral of treatment would lead to long term adverse consequences.

Thank you for your patience.

Daniel Gaitz - Osteopath