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Clinical Yoga

If performed properly yoga can be a safe an effective form of rehabilitation.  If you are dealing with an injury, a large yoga class may not be the best place to start.



Combining my osteopathy and yoga training, I have designed a 25 minute yoga routine that will support your spine, joints and muscles.

Learning this practice involves three osteopathy consultations.

There is no pressure to learn quickly or push your body into pain.


We go through the fundamentals of hip and spinal movements in Yoga

Learn a 'Sun Salutation' to traction the spine.

Learn a further 20 asanas (Yoga Poses)

At the end of our training I will recommend you download the premium version of the app Seconds Pro for your tablet or smartphone. From there I can email you the program and the app will talk you through it.  

The goal of this training is to provide you with basic yoga knowledge to practice safely at home in your own time.


I hope this course will give you the confidence to try a local yoga class when time permits.

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