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I am a osteopath with a focus on hands-on-treatment as well as clinical strength & flexibility training.


My treatments are individualised to each patient using a broad range of structural osteopathic techniques. These may include, joint mobilisation, massage, dry needling, cupping, lymphatic drainage, joint manipulation and stretching.


I am passionate about helping my patients with their exercise needs. From elite athletes looking to reach their true potential to beginners looking to start their fitness journey. I have experience in gym-based strength and conditioning, clinical reformer pilates and Hatha Yoga.


Whilst at university, I worked as a sports trainer and massage therapist in a variety of sporting fields, such as Aussie Rules football, beach volleyball, soccer and basketball.  From 2010 to 2014 I worked part time as an Osteopath, Massage Therapist & Sports training for the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League.


  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)  - Victoria University.

  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) -  Victoria University

  • DMA Clinical Pilates

  • Yoga Teacher Training  (Yoga & Meditation School of India)

  • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach (Level 1)

  • Tendon Rehabilitation  (Upper Limb)

  • Tendon Rehabilitation (Lower Limb)

  • Dr Vodder Lymphatic Drainage (Basic)

  • Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Level 1)

  • Dry Needling & Cupping (Level 1)

  • SMA Sports Trainer (Level 1)

  • Dogs in Motion Canine Rehabilitation - Practical Rehabilitation for the Veterinary Industry Course

  • Certificate of French Aromatherapy (New York institute of Aromatic Studies)

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